Successful Medical Education

At McGrath Communications Group, we understand that successful Medical Education, whether for a Speakers Training Meeting or equipping your Medical Affairs teams, requires aligning all the stakeholders to create a program that stays focused on what’s important and complies with regulations. Clarify goals and plan training that creates field programs that will grow your business. And that’s where we come in.

McGrath Communications Group
McGrath Communications Group

Engaging Speaker Skills Training

The most important skills your speakers can take away from training is understanding the approved content and becoming more adept at communicating key messages at promotional meetings. When you plan skills training for your speakers, you need them to:

1. Embrace key messages
2. Align those messages with specific audience needs
3. Drive their presentations towards clear and actionable outcomes

However, the standard didactic-oriented content training, which then invites the speakers to focus on generic presentation skills during a breakout session, isn’t the best way to achieve outstanding results.

How We Help

McGrath Communications Group provides a better way for speaker skills training. We create a positive, active, and engaging learning environment that allows speakers to explore the best way to communicate the important information to their audiences.

Skills Training Workshops

We craft each workshop with a specific plan to help your speakers effectively deliver key messages. Whether we start with our existing workshops, like, Owning A Presentation, You Did Not Create®, From Didactic to Dialogue – And Back Again, or Facilitating Effective Discussion-Based Learning, we focus on the specific skills your speakers most need.

The bottom line? Why settle for having content experts in your bureau? Why not develop expert communicators?

McGrath Communications Group

Increasing the Impact of Your Medical Affairs Teams

Medical affairs and Field Medical teams wear several hats in their role. They are content experts, educators, and coaches. Our curriculum covers everything they need to become better communicators in their job. We help them learn:

  • How to plan and deliver the right presentation for every situation
  • How to increase their overall communication effectiveness
  • How to facilitate focused discussion
  • How to coach their KOLs

Our training focuses on three key areas. We want your MSLs to educate in:

  • One-on-one Settings
  • Small Group Settings
  • Virtual Meetings

How Do We Do This?

At McGrath Communications Group, we customize training based on what works best for you and your team. We structure anything from half-day to two-day workshops and anything in between! Get in touch today to have a chat with us.