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Medical Affairs Training near Piscataway NJ

Established in 2000, McGrath Communications Group teaches professionals how to communicate effectively through high-impact presentation and engaging delivery. We specialize in medical communications and corporate presentations, but we embrace professionals from all sectors who want to become effective speakers. Our learning opportunities include live virtual training, virtual on-demand training and virtual facilitation, allowing us to train speakers and lead meetings wherever and whenever it is most conducive to your success.

Training Professionals in the Art of Tactful Discourse

There’s nothing more powerful than a well-developed, meaningful message, delivered with poise and authority. CEOs and effective leaders are proof that delivery is everything when it comes to discourse. At McGrath Communications Group, we specialize in teaching professionals these same hallmarks of effective communication. Based around Piscataway, NJ, our lessons are available digitally, so you can master your messaging at a time and in a place that’s convenient for you.

We’ve been in this business for over two decades and in that time, we’ve developed specialized insights for medical affairs training and other medical presentations. In the pharma space, we can train on all needed communications skills, including presenting clinical data and relationship building skills. Our medical affairs skills training focuses on employing adaptive communication skills to connect with and engage your customers, allowing you to leverage your relationship with your KOL’s. In fact, our Conducting Compliant Conversations training focuses on how to engage your client in honest and meaningful discussion, while staying compliant to FDA guidance!
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Beyond the pharma industry, we also engage with professionals from other B2B sectors. Our Owning a Presentation You Did Not Create program helps both clinical and non-medical speakers master a simple process to take content they did not create and align it with what they need to accomplish. Whether you’re educating, pitching a concept or strengthening a partnership, we’ll train you to be the effective voice of reason, authority and credibility.

McGrath Communications Group has a passion for helping people learn. We love to see people grasp concepts and turn them into real results. From local professionals here in the Piscataway, NJ area to individuals across the country and globe, we invite you to work with us to bolster your speaking and presentation capabilities, to achieve above and beyond what you ever thought possible.

We teach speakers how to command attention and create engagement, especially virtually!
Training is produced on a client-by-client basis, to help each individual or team master their messages.
We’re familiar with medical and pharma industries, where strict compliance is essential.
Our training opportunities extend to all organizations and B2C professionals.
We offer an array of virtual training options, to help you master effective communication.

Master Your Message

It takes practice to deliver engaging, informative, persuasive presentations. Let McGrath Communications Group teach you the fundamentals, so you can succeed in delivering discourse.

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We provide pharmaceutical sales training and communication skills training virtually to all 50 states, including those close to our homebase of North Brunswick, NJ:

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  • Trenton, NJ
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