When Communication Matters

Providing Skills Training that increases the impact of speakers and moderators.

McGrath Communications Group

Effective (and changing) Medical Education

With over 20 years of experience in healthcare, McGrath Communications Group has worked with a diverse client base of pharmaceutical professionals navigating the changing waters of Medical Education.

What We Do

We work with clients in every product lifecycle stage, from investigator meetings to launch and beyond. Over the years, our company has worked pre- and post-OIG, globally and nationally, face-to-face and virtually; we’ve gained valuable experience.

McGrath Communications Group

Train Speakers
and Moderators

We preach what we practice. We help medical professionals to communicate approved content effectively and compliantly.

McGrath Communications Group

Effective Meetings

We practice what we preach. We moderate important meetings with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure that information is clarified and feedback is focused on what is important.

McGrath Communications Group

Coach Individuals
and Small Groups

In addition to moderating meetings and training, we also coach professionals, as individuals or in small groups, to improve their performance in the team.

McGrath Communications Group