Medical Affairs Training Piscataway, NJ

McGrath Communications Group has extensive experience in the field of medical affairs speaker training. We understand the communication demands of internal and field medical professionals and take the time to provide complete, individualized instruction to help you become a confident, informed, authoritative educator.

Our medical science liaison training is available via live virtual training as well as virtual on-demand training. While we are based near Piscataway, NJ area, we offer communication training for Med Affairs professionals across the world.

Emphasis on Authority

Medical affairs professionals are increasingly the face of the company they represent. They need to be informative, knowledgeable and convincing, to create meaningful connections with physicians and medical professionals. We help medical affairs professionals shape clear, insightful conversations regarding:

  • Clinical data from trials, posters and publications
  • Insights from key stakeholders and thought leaders
  • Increasing KOL engagement
  • Research protocols and insights from clinical trials

You have the information and the understanding; we help you contextualize it in the most appropriate way. We’ll teach you the nuances of delivering factual presentations in an engaging way, to promote interest among the physicians, and other HCP’s you collaborate with.

Medical Affairs Professional

Creating Compliant Conversations

Our copyrighted Creating Compliant Conversations program focuses on how to engage your client in honest discussion, while staying compliant with FDA guidance. We understand the strict rules and protocols Med Affairs must follow, and we help you stay within compliance when discussing insights, issues and relevant data. The result is guided communication that’s honest and upfront, while remaining highly persuasive.

Compliant, Informative Discourse

McGrath Communications Group understands the communication demands on medical affairs professionals. We strive to help you master the art of conveying information clearly, astutely and with an outcome-driven eye, to ensure your discourse is factual, compliant and effective. Let us teach you the art of delivering a high-impact presentation. Contact us today at 732-246-0733 to learn more.

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